Test Priority Spreadsheet

A have had a few requests for a test automation spreadsheet to use to help with assigning the business value and test complexity and calculating priority. This particular spreadsheet is very simple, but if there is any actual interest, I may provide a more complex and feature-full template.

Enjoy, but please use at your own risk .

Using Proxies in UI Testing

When testing web browser based software, I often find using a proxy to intercept  the browser calls is a powerful tool that helps me cover all my use cases.  It is also something that I sometimes get questions about. Usually I get questions about why to use proxies, and what proxy to use.

Why use a proxy?

A proxy routes all the calls from the browser (or mobile or desktop application) which gives you the ability to observe the calls, and to manipulate them. Continue reading “Using Proxies in UI Testing”

Can’t is a 4 Letter Word

Can’t is a 4 Letter Word

What is the most offensive word that you know?  Would you use it at work with your colleagues or with your manager or team lead? Maybe you would under certain circumstances.  How do you react when you hear your colleagues using it around you?  I certainly don’t mind a certain amount of swearing, and use it myself from time to time.  But there is one word that I really can not stand.  And after having heard it used on me four times one day recently, I just about lost it.

Warning: Rant In Progress
Warning: Rant In Progress

So what offensive word am I referring to? The word is “can’t“.  That is right, can’t is one of the most offensive words that I know.  And using it with me may result in an unpleasant response.  Unfortunately I hear it way to often in a business setting. Continue reading “Can’t is a 4 Letter Word”

Speaking at Agile Knoxville

I will be speaking at the Agile Knoxville meeting on Aug 6th.  See their website for details.  The topic will be Distributed Scrum.  It should be a good time.


The Agile Knoxville session was really great.  There was a good set of people.  Thank you to everyone that attended, you all had good questions and feedback. And thank you to Adrian for forcing me to come speak. 🙂



Agile Development Conference 2012

I was invited to speak at the Agile Development Conference in November in Orlando.  It was a great experience and I’m glad I agreed to do it.  I have received some very positive feedback from some of the attendees at my talk.

My talk was entitled “Distributed Scrum: Dangerous Waters – Be Prepared”.  See my talk page for more details about the conference and my talk.

Distributed Scrum: Dangerous Waters – Be Prepared

I want to extend my thanks to the conference organizers that invited me and for providing guidance.  I also want to thank the members of Scripps Networks communications and marketing departments for their assistance with my presentation and for providing  company swag to give out.   Thank you!

Finally I also want to thank the people that showed up for my talk.  Thank you for showing up!  I hope you found something in my talk useful.